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corel draw shortcut keys | photoshop shortcut key | all shortcut keys pdf

corel draw shortcut keys - काॅरल ड्रा | photoshop shortcut key pdf



New Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Import Ctrl+I
Export Ctrl+E
Print Ctrl+P
Exit Alt+F4
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Repeat Ctrl+R
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Delete
Manager Ctrl+F3
Duplicate Ctrl+D
Find and Replace Ctrl+F
Find Object Alt+Enter
Full- Screen Preview Ctrl+F12
snap to > Document grid Ctrl+Y
snap to >Object Alt+Z
Dynamic Guides Alt+Shift+D
Alignment Guides Alt+Shift+N
Transformation > postion Alt+F7
Transformation >Rotate Alt+F8
Transformation >Scale Alt+F9
Transformation >Size Alt+F10
Order > To front of page Ctrl+Home
Order > To front of page Ctrl+HomeNew
Order > To Back of page Ctrl+End
Order > To front of Layer Ctrl+Shift+Page up
Order > To Back of Layer Shift+Page Down
Order > Forward one Ctrl+Page Up
Order > Backward one Ctrl+Page Down
Group Ctrl+G
Ungroup Ctrl+U
Combine Ctrl+L
Break Apart Ctrl+K
Convert to Curves Ctrl+Q
Adjust > Brightness/Contrast/Intensity Ctrl+B
Adjust >Color Balance Ctrl+Shift+B
Lightness Ctrl+Shift+U
Contour Ctrl+F9
Envelope Ctrl+F7
Lens Ctrl+F3
Test Properties Ctrl+T
Edit Text Ctrl+Shift+T
Insert Symbol character Ctrl+F11
Align to baseline Alt+F12
Writing Tools > Spell Check Ctrl+F12
Convert Ctrl+F8
Options Ctrl+J
View Manager Ctrl+F2
Color Styles Ctrl+F6
Object Style Ctrl+F5
Macro > Macro Manager Alt+Shift+F11
Macro > macro editor Alt+F11
Macro >  Stop Recording Ctrl+Shift+O
Macro > Record Temporary Ctrl+Shift+R
Macro > Run Temporary Ctrl+Shift+P
Help F1

Photoshop shortcut key | Corel draw िहन्दी में

photoshop shortcut key
photoshop shortcut key

photoshop shortcut key
photoshop shortcut key
photoshop shortcut key
photoshop shortcut key

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