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Basic Of Web Desingning Course



The World Wide Web is an exciting new medium, bringing information, images, advertising and what not to every desktop. Do you know that everything that you see on the Web is document written in a special language called HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. This language tells the browser like Mosaic or Chrome, firefox or Internet Explorer to display text, picture.


Before we actually start learning and writting HTML code, we must know what it is and what it can do along with its limitations. 

HTML : HTML is a document-layout and hyperlink-specification langauge used to design the layout of a document and to specify the hyperlink. Html tells the browser how to display the contents of a hypertext document including text, images and other support media. The language also tells how to make a document through hyperlinks.

  • A Tag is coded HTML command that indicates how part of web page should be displayed. An Attribute is a special word used inside tage to specify additional information to tag such as color, alignment etc.
  • HTML tags can be written in capital as well as small letter ex <HTML>, <HEAD>, <html><head> etc as same in HTML

HTML Document Structure

Any Type any Thing define your page

<HTML> Tag - Indentifis the document as an HTML document. An HTML document begin with <HTML> and end with </HTML>.

<HEAD> Tag- The <Head> tag contains information about the document including its title, script used, style, and document description. The <Head> tag, is entered between <html> tags

                  Header Information comes here


<TITLE> Tag- The title specified inside <title> tag appears on the browser title bar. It be visibly clear to you when you start.

Document Title here
<BODY> Tag - The tag all the tags, atrributes to be displayed in the web page. The <Body> tag is entered below the closing </HEAD> tag. 

                  Header Information comes here

All the tags, attributes, and information in the document body go here


HTML Writting Tools 
Open Notepad by clicking at Stat - Program-Acessories-Notepad
  1. Html tools for web desinging course
    Html Tools for web desinging course
Now Type code here see below the  image
Notepad open type this code web desinging course
Notepad open type this code

 Then Save file to anyname extenstion give only .HTML, .html, .htm

how Save file to html
Save file to html

View HTML Document in a Browser

View html web page
View html web page
 Double Click name of file like upper image then preview show Ex - firebox, chrome, Internet explore.

View preivew web page
View preivew web page

Container Elements


The container tags affect everything that comes between their starting and ending tag.

Empty Elements 

This type of HTML elements require just a starting tag and not an ending tag


HTML CONTAINER ELEMENT requiree a starting as well as an ending tag whereas EMPTY ELEMENTS require just a starting tag and not an ending tag.


The second and largest part of our HTML document is the body The tags explained in the following sections are used within the body of your HTML document.

Background Graphics -BACKGROUND attribute

New version of web browser can load an imagee and use it is a background can load an imagee and use it is a background when displaying a page. Some people likee background images and some don't.
Background imagees can be a texture (lines finieshed paper,for exmaple) or an image of an object (a logo possibly). You create the background image as you do any image.
In sum you generate one image, and the browser replicates it enough times to fill your window.

<Body backgrounf ="filename.jpg">

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