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These days, ther are few topics hotter than internet. In fact, the Internet has become the talk of the town these days, Television Programs covers it, newspapers and magazines write about it, every other person is using it, and so forth. Even the presidents vice-presidents and prime ministers of various countries have cut a presence on the Internet

History Of Internet : 

The seeds of Internet were planted in 1969, when U.S. Department of Defense sponsored a project named ARPANET (Advanced Resarch Projects Network). The goal of this project was to connect computer at different universities and U.S defense (U.S spelling for defense is defense). Soon the engineers, scientists, students and resaerchers who were part of this system, began exchanging data and messages on it. The users of this systemn were also able to play long distance games and socialize with people who shared their interest. ARPANET started with a handful of computer but its rapidly.
            NSFnet allowed only the academic research on its network and not any kind of private business on it. So many private companies built their own networks, which were later interconnected along with ARPANET and NSFnet to form Internet.
It was the Inter networking the linking of these two some other network (i.e the ARPANET, NSFnet and some private networks) that was named Internet.

  1. 1969 ARPANET : In 1969 Was started to connect computers at U.S defense & different universities.
  2. 1980s. NSFnet : In 1980s, NSFnet was started to make a high-capacity network to be used strictly for academic and engineering research.
  3. 1980s. Other Networks : In 1980s many private networks were also built to cater to the activities, which were not allowed on NSFnet.
  4. 1990s. Internet : In 1990s the Internetworking of ARPANET, NSFnet and other private network resulted into Internet.  

How does Internet Work ?

In Internet most Important Computers are not connected directly to the Internet. Rather they are connected to smaller networks, which in turn are connected through gateways to the Internet backbone. 
Two new terms you have encounted just now - gateway and backbone. Let me difine these two terms.

A GATWAY is divice that connects dssimilar network. A BACKBONE  is central Interconnecting structure that connects one or more network just like the trunk of a tree or the spine of a human being .
How does Internet Work ?
How does Internet Work ?


  • At the sourse computer, the message or the file/ document to be sent to another computer is firstly divided into very small parts called Packets. A packet generally contain upto 1500 characters.
  • Each packedt is given a number serailwise e.g.,1,2,3.
  • All these packets are then sent to the address of destination computer.
  • The destination computer reciever the packets in random manner. (It may even recieve packet 10 before packet 1 arrives).

Internet Functioning :

The reason that the Internet works at all is that every computer connected to it users the same set of rules for communication. Do you know that set of rules is called Protocol?

The Communication protocol used by Internet is TCP/IP. The TCP (Trasmisssion Control Protocol) part is resoponsible for dividing the file/message into packets on the destination or recipient computer.

Who Govern's The Internet?

Internet is not governed byany particular body. It is coordinated by many volunteer. organizations. There is no single authoritative organization. Various volunteer organization are resonsible for different types of activities as listed below:

  1. The Internet Architecture Baord is responsible for approving standards and allocating resourse.
  2. The Internet Eng Task Force (IETF) is resonsible for discussing and investigating the operational and technical problem of Internet.
  3. The InterNIC is responsible  for providing registration services to Internet Community. 


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